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MOTORVACWhat you can do to increase gas mileage

 The last thing we want to worry about is our car….we just want it to be ready to take us when and where we want to go.  But as gasoline prices continue to rise, the people we talk with are more interested than ever in simple tips that they can do that may help increase their gasoline mileage.  Listed below are some of the tips I give to my customers:

1.         Ensure your tires are inflated to the recommended pressure.

2.         Consider replacing your air filter if you haven’t done so in a while. 

3.         While driving, accelerate slowly and when approaching traffic lights, take your foot off the gas and coast toward a stop rather than braking hard.

4.         Plan the most efficient route to your destination – with the flattest terrain and the fewest stops.

5.         While driving in the city, put the windows down and use the A/C less.  However, on the highway it may be more efficient to drive with the A/C on as driving at high speeds with the windows down may cause additional drag.

6.         Use your cruise control when on the highway.

7.         Plan a route to accomplish all your errands – a cold engine consumes more gas than when it gets warm.

8.         Eliminate unnecessary cargo to lessen the weight your vehicle has to move.

9.         Drive highways rather than city streets, and keep your speed limit to 55 mph.

10.      Avoid unnecessary idling.  Think about.  If you are not moving, you are making ZERO MPG!

What we can do that may increase your gas mileage:

11.     Check/replace your spark plugs

12.     Check/clean your fuel injectors.  At Denny's Auto Diagnosis, we have the best injector cleaner / de-carbon system on the market!  Ask for a MOTORVAC!

13.     Check/replace your spark plug wires.

14.     Align your wheels -- Excessive wear on your tires or pulling increases your vehicles drag coefficient!