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Reputation for quality automotive repair service is not achieved overnight. Since 1969 Denny's Auto Diagnosis has been developing positive relationships with area drivers -- One customer at a time. 

Denny's Auto Diagnosis was formed in 1969 on the premise that "The most effective approach to auto repair is to know exactly what is needed to be fixed rather using guess work.  To determine the "fix", a diagnosis of the problem is needed.

The use of state of the art equipment and continual education of the technician is the foundation of that ideal.  With modern vehicles, the skill to diagnose a vehicle is exacerbated by modern technology.  Think of your car as "A computer propelled down the road by an engine".  

Circa 1969Sure, there are places that offer free inspections and so forth, but do you drive away from that facility without paying something?  Do you know if work the performed was really needed?  Who worked on it?  What were their qualifications? Did they guess?  Did they install unnecessary parts and charge labor above what was necessary?   Did they identify other problems that may affect your vehicles integrity?  How long has that facility been in business?  Will they be there in the future to stand behind their work?

There is no such thing as a free lunch; Somewhere, sometime, somehow, you have to pay.  There is no cheap auto repair for the same reason.  You get what you pay for.

The fee charged for a diagnosis is a value.  Auto repair with skilled technicians, installing high quality parts, and using state of the art equipment is a exceptional value.  Properly servicing the investment you made in your vehicle, is the best value for your livelihood.

The diagnostic charge may pale in comparison to expenses resulting from guess work.  Test, Don't Guess!