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Diagnostics -- The most advanced computer scanners, oscilloscopes, technical data, trained professionals and staff.

Computer Programming and Reflashing -- Like your Personal Computer needs updates, so does your vehicle's onboard computer software needs to be updated.

New Vehicle Warranty Maintenance Specialists -- We are authorized to perform maintenance on your new vehicle to keep your warranty in effect.

Engine Mechanical --  Diagnosis, minor or major repair.  Engine replacements.

Engine Cooling --  Diagnosis and repair.  System flushing.

Engine Oiling -- Diagnosis and repair.  Engine oil and filter changes.

Sun 400 Engine AnalyzerFuel Injection / Carburation / Fuel Pumps

Electrical -- Power windows, power Locks, security systems, instrumentation, lighting, and charging and starting system.  Some component rebuilding.

HVAC -- Heating / Ventilation / Air Conditioning [R12 and R134a], automatic climate control. 

Brake (ABS and Conventional) -- Friction service.  Diagnosis and repair.  Flushing.

Alignment / Steering / Suspensions (Computer Controlled and Conventional)

Exhaust -- Repair

Driveline -- Automatic and manual transmission minor repair or replacement.  Axle service and replacement.

Tires -- Wipers -- Information